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Before submitting your paper, please check whether each rule has been faithfully followed.

1. General consideration

  • ☐ Are the manuscripts written in English?
  • ☐ Are the manuscripts arranged in double spacing on A4 paper?
  • ☐ Are the manuscripts typed in Arial or Times New Roman in 10-sized with a margin of 3 cm on the left, right, top, and bottom each?
  • ☐ Have you inserted a page number as a serial number at the bottom center of each page of the manuscript with the cover page as a first page?
  • ☐ Did you describe the cover page, the abstract, the main text (introduction, subject and method, result, and review), summary, reference, figure legends, and table starting from the new page respectively?
  • ☐ Have you described the manuscript in the order of cover, the abstract and index words, main text (introduction, subject and method, result, and review), financial support and persons/institutions
  • concerned, acknowledgement if necessary, reference, table, and figure legends?
  • ☐ Does the cover letter specify the scientific originality of this manuscript and that it has never been published before, and does it include the contention of the authors’ conflicts of interest?

2. The front cover

  • ☐ Are the title of the paper, the running title, the name of the author, and the affiliation are written in English at the front cover? The contacts of the corresponding author are listed in the order of name, address, phone number, mobile phone, fax number, and e-mail address?
  • ☐ Does Summarize title is less than 40 characters?

3. Abstract

  • ☐ In the case of original article, does it have 250 words or less and composed of Background/Aim, Methods, Results, and Conclusion?
  • ☐ Do the case report, the review article, and special contribution have 150 words or less, 200 words or less, and 200 words or less for manuscripts, respectively? In addition, are these manuscripts summarized in one paragraph?
  • ☐ In Title, nouns and adjectives have the first letter capitalized? Ex) Prognostic factors of hepatorenal syndrome (X) Prognostic Factors of Hepatorenal Syndrome (O)
  • ☐ Do keywords begin with an uppercase letter? Are they composed of 5 words and separated by semicolons? As a general rule, do key words use MeSH terms as follows: Ex.) Key Words: Hepatitis B; Hepatic neuroendocrine tumor; Liver transplantation

4. Body text

  • ☐ Is the reference number of the reference attached in serial order?
  • ☐ Is the reference not quoted in the text and only number attached?
  • ☐ Are “subject and method” described by dividing into subheadings?
  • ☐ Are “results” described by dividing into subheadings?
  • ☐ Are not the textbook facts which are not related to this study listed in “review”?

5. Reference

  • ☐ Is the citation format of the reference in the main text consistent with the submission regulation of the association?
  • ☐ Are the numbers of reference documents less than 40 for original works and less than 20 for case reports?

6. Figure Legends

  • ☐ Are the numbers of all tables and pictures specified in the text without omission?
  • ☐ Does the original article consists of less than 8 pictures and 4 tables, and the case consists of less than 6 pictures?
  • ☐ Is the description of the picture written in a separate sheet with one paragraph of both subheadings and brief description?
  • ☐ In the picture description, is the first letter of the first Word capitalized? If there are two or more pictures in one picture description, is it explained by dividing them such as (A) and (B), and etc.?
  • ☐ Is the size of the picture at least 3 inches in width and at most 7 inches in height (5 × 7 inches for a microscope)?
  • ☐ Is the color image more than 300 dpi? Is the black and white image such as the radiograph attached at 600 dpi?
  • ☐ Is the format of picture or photo file JPG/JPEG or TIF/TIFF?

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