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Liver resection in selective hepatocellular carcinoma with Vp3 or Vp4 portal vein tumor thrombosis improves prognosis
Manuel Lim, Jongman Kim, Jinsoo Rhu, Gyu-Seong Choi, Jae-Won Joh
J Liver Cancer. 2024;24(1):102-112.   Published online February 14, 2024
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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tumor thrombi located in the first branch of the portal vein (Vp3) or in the main portal trunk (Vp4) are associated with poor prognosis. This study aimed to investigate the clinicopathological characteristics and risk factors for HCC recurrence and mortality following liver resection (LR) in patients with Vp3 or Vp4 HCC.
The study included 64 patients who underwent LR for HCC with Vp3 or Vp4 portal vein tumor thrombosis (PVTT).
Fifty-eight patients (90.6%) had Vp3 PVTT, whereas the remaining six patients exhibited Vp4 PVTT. The median tumor size measured 8 cm, with approximately 36% of patients presented with multiple tumors. Fifty-four patients (84.4%) underwent open LR, whereas 10 patients underwent laparoscopic LR. In the Vp4 cases, combined LR and tumor thrombectomy were performed. The 3-year cumulative disease-free survival rate was 42.8% for the Vp3 group and 22.2% for the Vp4 group. The overall survival (OS) rate at 3 years was 47.9% for the Vp3 group and 60.0% for the Vp4 group. Intrahepatic metastasis has been identified as an important contributor to HCC recurrence. High hemoglobin levels are associated with high mortality.
LR is a safe and effective treatment modality for selected patients with Vp3 or Vp4 HCC PVTT. This suggests that LR is a viable option for these patients, with favorable outcomes in terms of OS.
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Case Report
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Arising from Hepatocellular Adenoma in an Elderly Male Patient
Manuel Lim, Jong Man Kim, Ji Eun Kwon, Eun Sung Jeong, Jaehun Yang, Okjoo Lee, Kyeong Deok Kim, Sang Jin Kim, Jinsoo Rhu, Gyu-Seong Choi, Jae-Won Joh
J Liver Cancer. 2021;21(1):87-91.   Published online March 31, 2021
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Hepatocellular adenoma is a benign tumor of the liver occurring predominantly in young women taking oral contraceptives. The malignant transformation of hepatocellular adenoma into hepatocellular carcinoma has rarely been reported. Herein, we report the case of an elderly male patient with hepatocellular carcinoma that developed from hepatocellular adenoma. The patient’s high risk for surgery and conflicting biopsy and imaging results made it difficult to determine the treatment direction. Eventually, the mass was completely removed by laparoscopic left hemi-hepatectomy without complications.


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